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Iron Grapes Wall Decor for Kitchen or Wine Cellar

Iron Grapes Wall Decor for Kitchen or Wine Cellar

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This classic iron grapes wall decor is the perfect adornment for any kitchen or wine cellar. The intricate metalwork creates a stunningly sophisticated ambience, enhancing the regality of any setting. Crafted with great attention to detail, this timeless piece is sure to garner admiration and awe for years to come.


⌲ This cast iron topper/wall plaque can add a beautiful touch to your home.

⌲ It can be screwed in to a wall or a cabinet for a unique look.

⌲ Use it over a picture or doorway as well.


⌲ MEASUREMENTS- Approximately 13.25 inches Wide X 5 inches High.

⌲ I made this piece myself. I weld these cast iron grapevine scrolls to make a unique and original topper.

⌲ This topper has a hanger on the back, but screw holes can also be drilled on each side upon request.

⌲ It has been hand-painted in a beautiful antique silver finish.
Other colors are also available.

• The finish may vary from product to product, due to the fact that each piece is handmade and hand-painted.
• Color may be slightly different in person compared to photos.



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