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Personalized Shield with Initial

Personalized Shield with Initial

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This is a Monogrammed Shield Wall Plaque. It is an elegant, eye-catching, and effective solution to any bland wall. It fits the medieval decor style very well.
⌲ The piece has been hand-painted in an antique gold finish.
Other colors are also available.

⌲ MEASUREMENTS: Approximately 15.25 inches High X 13.5 inches Wide at the widest point.

⌲ This wall plaque/decor is made of cast aluminum and has a hanger on the back.

⌲ Your initial is placed in the center. Please choose from A-Z
» This shield plaque has a double-headed eagle, meaning conjoining of two forces. The eagles have crowns on their heads, and also they are joined by a crown in the upper center part of the shield.

» Crowns represent prestige, royal or seigniorial authority.

» An Eagle represents a person of noble nature, strength, bravery, and alertness; leadership.

» There are two axes crossing the back of the shield, meaning execution of military duty.

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