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Fleur De Lis Junkie

Coat of Arms Shield Crest Wall Decor

Coat of Arms Shield Crest Wall Decor

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Large Shield Wall Plaque/Decor
Old World / Medieval Style

This wall plaque/decor is made of cast aluminum and has a hanger on the back.

This shield wall plaque is hand painted in a beautiful antique gold finish.
Other colors are also available.

- This shield plaque has a St. Andrew's cross in the center, meaning Resolution.
A cross is a symbol of sacrifice and salvation, in reference to Jesus' death by crucifixion upon a cross.

- There are two Fleur de Lis on the upper and bottom part of the St. Andrew's cross. Fleur de Lis mean Purity.

- There is a Knight helmet in the upper/center part of the shield, meaning wisdom and security in defense; strength, protection and invulnerability.

- There is a Britannic style Lion on top of the Knight's helmet. A Lion means Dauntless Courage.
The Lion is holding a sword. A sword means Justice and Military Honor.

- There are two Unicorns on each side of the shield, meaning Extreme Courage; virtue and strength.

The measurements of this shield are approximately 23 inches High X 19 inches Wide at the widest point.

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