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Fleur De Lis Junkie

15.5 in. Fleur De Lis Metal Topper

15.5 in. Fleur De Lis Metal Topper

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Make a statement with this beautiful 15.5" Fleur De Lis Metal Topper Wall Plaque. Choose from multiple colors to find the perfect fit for your home. A timeless design for a distinctive, modern look.

This metal topper with cast iron fleur de lis has been hand painted in a black finish. Other colors are also available.

It measures 15 ½ inches long X 4.75 inches tall.

- This iron topper / wall plaque can add a beautiful touch to your home. It can be screwed in to a wall or a kitchen or bathroom cabinet for a unique look.

- Use it over a picture or doorway as well.

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