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Fleur De Lis Junkie

15.5 in. Fleur De Lis Metal Topper

15.5 in. Fleur De Lis Metal Topper

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Enrich your home with this elegant Fleur De Lis Metal Topper and add a touch of sophistication and timeless refinement to your walls. Capturing the beauty of French style, this 15.5" wall plaque features a beautiful Fleur De Lis and is available in multiple colors that evoke the perfect atmosphere.

This metal topper with cast iron fleur de lis has been hand painted in an antique gold finish. Other colors are also available.

It measures approximately 15 ½ inches long X 4.75 inches tall.

- This iron topper / wall plaque can add a beautiful touch to your home. It can be screwed in to a wall or a kitchen or bathroom cabinet for a unique look.

- Use it over a picture or doorway as well.

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