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Angel Wings Decor for Old World

Angel Wings Decor for Old World

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Bring some celestial beauty to your Old World decor with our Angel Wings Decor. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these beautiful wings will enhance the tone of your interior design and create a peaceful atmosphere. 

- These angel wing finials were handmade and hand painted in a beautiful gold leaf color.
Other colors are also available.

They are cast with hydrostone, which is a high quality plaster.

- The measurements of this wing are approximately 12.5 inches tall X 4 inches wide (at the widest point).

- The base measures 3.25 inches X 3.25 inches.

Meaning of Wings:

Biblical references to the wings of birds are common, especially in Psalms, many of them exquisitely poetical. Often the wings of an eagle are mentioned because they are from 7 to 9 feet in sweep, of untiring flight, and have strength to carry heavy burdens: so they became the symbol of strength and endurance.

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