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Set of 2 Angel Wings Decor

Set of 2 Angel Wings Decor

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Bring an angelic touch to any room with this set of two angel wings. Crafted from high quality plaster, these wings are a beautiful display of artwork that will look gorgeous in any home.

- This angel wing finial was hand made and hand painted in a beautiful white color.
Other colors are also available.

- The measurements of this wing are approximately 12.5 inches tall X 4 inches wide (at the widest point).

- The base measures 3.25 inches X 3.25 inches.

Meaning of Wings:

Biblical references to the wings of birds are common, especially in Psalms, many of them exquisitely poetical. Often the wings of an eagle are mentioned because they are from 7 to 9 feet in sweep, of untiring flight, and have strength to carry heavy burdens: so they became the symbol of strength and endurance.

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